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Zong Super Card/Load Offer 2017

Zong Super Card/Load Offer 2017

3GPackagesWorld.com Providing All Latest Network 4G 3G Packages and Jazz monthly internet package, Zong Super Card/Load Offer 2017, Bundles Information ,package volume,validity,Subscription, and UnSubscription Codes Including rates and much more Detail About Mobile Network.

Zong Super Card/Load Offer 2017

Zong Super Card/Load Offer 2017

After the achievement of Ufone super card offer in which clients got SMS/MBs and free Minutes for both onnet and offnet, Zong conveys a similar sort of offer to their esteemed clients.

In Zong super card clients gets similar advantages like Ufone Super Card as opposed to getting parity client will got free assets.

Zong super card/load is accessible in Rs. 500/month and smaller than usual super card/stack at Rs. 250/month. Every day and week by week packages are additionally accessible.

Offer Details:

Daily Bundle:

Daily Charges: RS.20

On-net minutes: 40
Off-net minutes: 4
Free SMS:400
Free MBs:40

Weekly Bundle:

Weekly Charges: RS.100

On-net minutes: 350
Off-net minutes: 35
Free SMS:350
Free MBs:150

Monthly Bundle:

Monthly Charges:RS.500

On-net minutes: 1500
Off-net minutes: 150
Free SMS:1500
Free MBs:1500

Monthly Mini Bundle:

Monthly Charges: RS.250

On-net minutes: 700
Off-net minutes: 70
Free SMS:700
Free MBs:700


To Check Remaning Mins/SMS/MBs: Dial *102*1#

Note: Zong Super Load is available but zong super cards are not yet available in the market. Ask retailer for zong super load of your desired amount.

[Zong All-In-1 Bundles which can be activated by dialing *6464# and than press 3, also have same bundles. By dialing this you can activate it by yourself. Taxes are included in all bundles except Monthly 599 and Monthly 799 which are not available through Zong super load and activation only possible by dialing *6464#]

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